A love for Co-op

With a passion for cooperative gamer, we are making sure that Wild Americas is developed for a fun co-op experience from the ground up.

With a dynamic background like the North American west, you will have the opportunity to stick together and aid in each others success on Mountain Island from start to finish.

Supplies like ammunition, bait and meat must be gathered on the island. The black powder for your bullets must be sourced from abandoned mines or purchased from the hunting store. Your geological scans will help reveal areas to find a plethora of materials and abandoned mining tunnels to explore.

For Wild Americas: Mystery on Mountain Island we can enhance in-game immersion by enticing collaboration between a co-op team offline.

Mission based objectives can be better accomplished by researching real-world historical events that took place during the early 20th century to find clues. Keep the collaboration going outside of gameplay as you plan your next adventure. (More on this in future dev updates)

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