The Game

December 2023

A never ending Co-Op campaign adventure is at the core of our development endeavors. 

Wild Americas: Prologue is a top down inspired, single player survival adventure featuring hours of gameplay in an expansive corner of Mountain Island know as The Camp Grounds. Explore and perform a variety of geological activities as you take on the role of a rookie GeoCorp geologist. Your routine survey is anything but as you manage apex predators, dangerous climbs and decaying mines along the way.

But your work for GeoCorp comes with perks. You’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the renowned fishing, kayaking and climbing as you traverse the environment. Challenge your marksmanship skills at the local ranges or hunt for valuable animal meat and furs to supplement your income. The outdoors are yours, prepare yourself for an epic adventure.

“Something isn’t right here, that was no ordinary wolf.”

Dr. Rebecca Corso, USGA Genetics Specialist

There are ominous vibrations all around. A visiting biologist’s recent encounter with a pack of wolves has the local towns folk on edge. Discover a bread crumb trail of clues across the island that embroils you in a series of events with earth shattering ramifications.

This single player Prologue adventure will introduce you to gameplay and gameverse of Wild Americas while we continue work on follow up chapters.

A narrative journey compliments an expansive environment filled with dark caves, apex predators and forgotten artifacts.


Learn more about the world of Wild Americas and start your adventure early.

A game by Upsetter Studios