The Game

Wild Americas is a single player, action, adventure, and exploration game available December, 2023 on Steam.

Armed with advanced GPR scanning equipment, players will have to employ their wit and expertise to catalog the island’s natural resources, all while uncovering hidden conspiracies and schemes behind secret experiments, ancient artifacts, and old tales. Navigate treacherous terrain, climb rocky extensions, and delve deep into the island’s underground network of caves and tunnels.

Set against the diverse backdrop of the untamed wilderness, players will have to battle fierce predators, brave extreme weather conditions, and master survival skills to outlast the challenges that lie ahead.


A visiting biologist’s recent encounter with a pack of wolves has local Small Town, Mountain Island residents on edge. Complete your work for GeoCorp while discovering a bread crumb trail of clues across the island that embroils you in a series of events with earth shattering ramifications.

This single player EARLY ACCESS prologue adventure will introduce you to the gameplay of Wild Americas while we continue work on follow up chapters.

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A game by Upsetter Studios

Wild Americas

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